The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Fintech Innovation Lab (FIC) is a financial science and technology discipline platform built by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and Chengdu Municipal Government. The lab was formally established in May 2019, focusing on the research of cutting-edge issues of FinTech, and actively linking up the resources of top universities, governments and industry regulators at home and abroad; at the same time, working closely with the industry to tackle major projects and develop FinTech solutions. The core members of FIC scientific research team are all high-end talents with overseas backgrounds. Adhering to the lab construction philosophy of "having a great heart, serving the country sincerely", FICers will study technical problems with sincere hearts, and provide social services to serve the country. At present, FIC has successfully organized and planned two international FinTech forums (SWUFE-CDAR annual conference) and international college students’ FinTech hackathon contest "Chengdu 80", bringing together Ping An Group, China Construction Bank, China Investment Corporation, State Street Bank, Swiss Re, Moody's, Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of California, Berkeley, MIT, University of Toronto and other domestic and international first-class resources in the industry and academia, as well as Nobel Prize winners Robert Merton, Lars Hansen and other top talents. FIC will stick to the theoretical research and project development of FinTech, use FinTech to solve the pain points in the industry, and create a FinTech innovation ecosystem.

金融科技国际联合实验室是西南财经大学和成都市政府重点打造的,面向国内国际知名高校、金融 机构和企业开放合作的金融科技学科平台。实验室于2019年5月正式成立,聚焦金融科技前沿问题研究,积极对接国内外顶尖高校、政府以及行业监管机构多方资源;同时,与业界紧密合作,攻关重大项目,研发金融科技解决方案。实验室科研团队核心成员皆是具有海外背景的高端人才,秉承“心有大我,至诚报国”的实验室建设理念,以赤诚之心钻研技术难题,以报国之行提供社会服务。目前,实验室已成功组织策划了两届国际金融科技论坛及国际大学生金融科技黑客马拉松大赛“成都80”, 聚集了平安集团,中国建设银行,中投公司,美国道富银行,瑞士再保险,穆迪公司以及北大,清华,加州大学伯克利分校,MIT,多伦多大学等国内国际业界学界一流资源,以及诺奖得主Robert Merton , Lars Hansen 等顶级人才的参与。实验室将坚持立足金融科技理论研究与项目开发,用金融科技解决业界痛点问题,打造金融科技创新生态圈。